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USB2.0 Video Adapter with Audio

The USB2.0 High Quality Video Audio Creator Solution!

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USB Video Audio Adapter...Capture High Quality video and audio through the USB2.0 High Quality Video Creator

Second piece to the usb2.0 video audio adapter slides right into the sound card of your computer
USB 2.0 High-Quality Video Creator is allows you to capture and edit movies from a variety of analog video sources. The package includes powerful movie editing and DVD authoring software that lets you add professional quality soundtracks and titles, as well as stunning effects. When your work is completed, you can easily share your movies through e-mail, the WEB, or as high quality VCDs or DVDs. You can play back your movies on your home DVD player, or on a computer running DVD playback software.
USB Port Video with Audio Adapter compatibility with Digital Cameras, PC Cameras, Video Camera, Video Recorders
Compatible with Digital Cameras, PC Cams, Digital Video recorders,
VCR and more..


*USB 2.0 equipped computer
*128MB of RAM
*CPU P3 1G GHz (Real time MPEG-1 capture)
*CPU P4 1.8G GHz (Real time MPEG-2 capture)
*Sound Card, speaker and microphone/line in function required for audio recording
*4MB Ram for VGA Card (AGP Type)
*CD-ROM drive
*Window 2000 / XP


*USB2.0 high speed and USB 1.1 backward compatibility
*True Plug and Play performance
*Supports NTSC, PAL, Video inputs
*USB bus powered
*Supports USB remote wake-up
*Supports high resolution still image capture at 640 x 480
*Includes powerful movie editing and DVD authoring software to make professional level movie editing and sharing easy

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Compatible with WIndows 2000 and XP

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The USB2.0 Video Adapter with Audio FEATURES:

  • 640 x 480 resolution still image capture
  • Capture capability Up to 30/24 frames per second at VGA resolution (NTSC / PAL).
  • With very small dimensions (H) 88mm x (W) 31mm x (H) 21mm, it is very portable for desktop and notebook PCs.
  • Stereo Audio input to make best audio synchronization
  • Convert analog audio / video signal to digital through USB

  • Composite or S-Video analog input, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM multi system support
  • Low CPU Utilization at decompression
  • Low power consumption, ideal for the portable computer
  • High Quality Video Compressor to speed video frame rate
  • No Battery Needed - Power supplied through USB connection
  • Plug & Play
Software Included:

Ulead Video studio version 6.0 Software Package ( MPEG I & II Video editing software ) : Record the video and save as MPEG I & II formats. The package includes powerful movie editing and DVD authoring software that lets you add professional quality soundtracks and titles, as well as stunning effects. image filters, overlay filters, and text can be added to create professional effects and titles. ( Traditional language options apply.)
USB 2.0 video audio layout diagram

The USB2.0 video audio adapter fits nicely and convienently into the palm of your hand for easy use The compact size USB2.0 video audio adapter gives you the ability bring it to anywhere with your notebook and other accessories. USB2.0 video audio adapter is the BEST solution to permanently digitalize your memories. Thru USB2.0 interface port, all you have to do just Plug it in and Play (hot plug capabilities) , you can easily digitally capture and or record videos from DVD, VCD, VCR, Video Camcorder thru Video or S-Video input . With its software VideoStudio6 bundled with the adapter, USB2.0 video audio adapter allows you to preview the video in “Full Screen” or sizable window and perform basic editing functions. USB2.0 video audio adapter helps you easily turn your home videos into mini DVD/SVCD/VCD and play on DVD players.

Some practical uses of the USB2.0 video audio adapter could include: Video / Audio conferencing, instantly record and send important news worthy information to the office, send family & friends digital Video / Audio snap shots and more..

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USB2.0 Video with Audio Adapter Sample Screen Shots

Video Studio 6.0 screen shot
The initial splash screen as you enter into installing Video Studio 6.0.
Message for Digital Signal Not Found
You maybe presented with a window stating the Digital Signal was not found, click yes to continue.

Sample Movie

Sample movie from the USB2.0 video audio adapterIf your interested in seeing a sample of the movie(MPG) that was taken using the USB2.0 Video Audio Adapter you can download the ZIP file by clicking here and view it in Windows Media Player or other compatible player. The image to the left is an actual screen shot of the screen you'll see when making your movies.

The USB2.0 Video Audio Adapter TESTIMONIAL:

The USB gadgets I test are incredible pieces of today's technology. The setup was extremely easy, I suppose depending on the speed of your computer, it might take 5 to 10 minutes to set up. The adapter itself as you can see from the images above is small and comfortable to use, and plugs into your existing equipment just like any normal RCA or S-video jack would to your TV, VCR, or video camera. You would think there's something more to it but there's not, it very simple. What surprised me at the end of the software install was a window telling I could get 20 more free effects after registering the software, talk about a BONUS!!

If you need something to allow you to produce movies without really expensive equipment and have a computer I would recommend the usb2.0 video audio adapter for both personal and business purposes. A very useful inexpensive way to record memories of a life time.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional

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USB 2.0 High Quality Video and Audio Adapter for Windows XP

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