USB DVR Surveillance System Testing

Testing the USB DVR Once the USB DVR Surveillance System software is installed you can connect the USB DVR to the available USB port in your PC or laptop. The USB DVR has an LED that will activate once the software surveillance program has been executed.USB DVR software surveillance program As seen on the left, two channels are connected to the USB DVR.
Wireless camera equipment for the USB DVR surveillance system As a part of the wireless camera kit, an antenna with an AC power supply can be connected to the USB DVR as in this test of the product. This part of the wireless camera kit includes a signal tuner to bring in a sharp clear image of the surveillance subject, a Power LED is used for indicationBase antenna for the wireless camera of power. A simple video out and audio out receptacle connects the USB DVR to the AC powered antenna.
USB DVR Setup to monitor I simple television set with A/V in and out was used to test the USB DVR with the wireless camera. The set up is quick and simple, just connect the A/V cables to the proper connections on the USB DVRUSB DVR - Antenna base - monitor ll connected to the laptop via the A/V cables and USB port Surveillance unit whether you're using a wireless camera or other video input device and you're ready to go.
Actual USB DVR image on the monitor In testing, this image was taken to show everything in action. The wireless camera was positioned to view the TV monitor in an office. As you can see the monitor on the screen is that of the subject monitor used with testing. The Wireless camera with batterywireless base to the left of the monitor was tuned properly to give a good clear image from the wireless camera being run from a 9-Volt battery.