The Key to a successful security system is having the right equipment in the proper place so that it can be monitored remotely. This ensures that your security measures are a worth while effort.

USB DVR Surveillance System Features

USB DVR Surveillance Sysytem - Home Security and more Key USB DVR Surveillance Features:
  • Surveillance Security Setup DIY
  • Easy to use
  • Real time remote monitoring
  • Alarm notification by email or mobile phone (needs receive mail function in mobile phone)
  • Dynamic IP acceptable
  • Internet security remote control
  • Image Compression Format: MPEG 4
  • Dynamic mask on motion-detection area of multi-camera (1 to 4 cameras)
  • Can backup to the HDD, CD-RW, or DVD-RAM
  • Can record audio (on one channel)
  • Remote monitoring service center
  • Detection Sensitive adjustment
  • Instant alarm notification
  • Recyclable over ride of hard disk space on FIFO (Fist-in-Fist out)

USB DVR Surveillance System software example

USB 4 channel DVR Surveillance Software - miniature wireless surveillance cameraAn example of what the USB DVR Surveillance system can do is provided here. A tree trimming crew working is being watched using the USB 4 channel DVR in combination with a miniature wireless surveillance camera as seen on the home page of this product site. The image shows the camera watching over the crew as they work from the inside of a window to the yard. The USB DVR Surveillance program recorded everything. The USB DVR itself was Wireless Surveillance cameraconnected to a TV and used as the monitor to capture the the crew to either a VCR from the TV or directly to the computer through the Surveillance program. To see the real time recording of this example using the USB DVR Surveillance software, click the video link and the movie will play in a separate window. The software program allows for many options to be set for best performance including speed and bytes per second recording. The mini wireless camera can be run from either a AC power supply or the more convenient standard 9 volt battery. The wireless camera is sold separately from the USB DVR Surveillance system.