USB Port Video Adapter

The USB Video Adapter is the video capture solution for both still and full motion video!

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USB Video Adapter

compatible with Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP
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USB Video Adapter compatibility with Digital Cameras, PC Cameras, Video Camera, Video Recorders



CPU 166MHz
USB Video Adapter
16 MB of Ram
CD-ROM of Driver & Application Software
USB Port
User's Manual (Download)
Win 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
User's Manual (Japanese)
Mac 8.6/9.0

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$49.98  Buy the USB Video Adapter Now

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  • Use this USB Video Adapter in any available USB Port in conjunction with a digital still camera, pc camera, video camera, or video recorder. With an RCA Jack, an S Jack and the capture button of the USB Video Adapter you can bring your video motion and stills to disc for watching anytime. Some practical business applications may include a video conference library for business, family moments and enjoyment.

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    The USB Video Adapter FEATURES:

    • Acts as an USB interface converter for your analog video sources.
    • Easy to use video editing software, make your own multimedia movie file, and video mail through the Internet.

    • Support NetMeeting and Video conference

    • High Speed up to 30 frames per second at CIF resolution (352 x 288 pixels) Adjustable Frame rate and size to suit your application.

    • Utilizes high speed hardware compression and software decompression to achieve the fastest frame rates with minimal CPU usage
    USB Port Video Adapter showing labels for the RCA Jack, USB Port Jack and the capture button
    • No external power source needed. Is powered directly from your USB Port
    • True plug & play with hot plugable capability. USB data bandwidth 4Mbps - 8Mbps isochronous
    • Single snap shot (capture) button takes still photos at VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels)
    • Connect to analog video sources with the included RCA and S-Video connectors
    • Very small dimensions (L)88mm x (W)31mm x (H)21mm

    The USB Video Adapter connected to a LaptopI've connected this to my laptop to show just how compact this USB Video Adapter really is. Take it with you on vacation, to the office for your video conference, or use it when the whole family has gathered around the house. With a total length of about 48 inches (4 ft.) this unit can be wrapped up to into a small package as seen above and taken anywhere. Let the world become your digital video playground.

    At $49.98 this is a great deal and well worth it to start your video library collection. You get 100% satisfaction and a money back guarantee.

    The USB Video Adapter gives you 100% satisfaction         The USB Video Adapter also comes with a money back guarentee         Order the USB Video Adapter now for the best price 

    USB Video Adapter Sample Screen Shots

    USB video adapter software CD-ROM screen shot of the initial splash screen
    The initial splash screen is your navigation to installing all drivers and software to work with the USB video adapter.
    Continuing installation on CD-ROM the USB video Adapter Video Works Program
    This screen shot is the first when installing the program Video Works on the USB Video Adapter CD-ROM.
    Splash screen during install of Video Works
    Video Works Splash install screen. The screens from here on out are typical license agreement and install messages. When you purchase the USB Video Adapter the manual also have a screen shot for every step of the way.

    Sample Movie

    If your interested in seeing a sample of the movie(MPG) that was taken using the USB Video Adapter you can download the ZIP file by clicking here and view it in Windows Media Player or other compatible player.

    The USB Video Adapter TESTIMONIAL:

    If I had more than two thumbs I would put them up. I am very excited about this product, what better way to keep track of the daily lives of your children than video and then transferring that onto CD-ROM without taking something apart, and have it last forever. I actually called the owner of the product to tell him how excited I was about this video adapter. The install was so easy in every aspect of the process from driver installing to the actual operation of the adapter. I hooked up a five year old JVC compact VHS cam corder to the video adapter through the RCA Jack, at this point I had the Video Works Program up and running getting prepared for the movie. As soon as the camera powered up I could see what was going on through the preview window of the program. The clarity was great and no delay that I could see between the movement of the camera and the movement on the computer screen. Basically you click to set the type of video you want meaning, single capture, consecutive frames or movie. If a movie is what you selected, you can tell the program how many seconds to record and do what you want from there. Obviously putting everything away when your done is simple, quick and clean.

    You don't have to be a Computer Genius to set this up, it really takes very little effort other than plugging the USB connector into the computer and installing software. Since it's a plug and play device, you don't have to worry about the computer recognizing the adapter, the computer see's it before you can comeback to look at the screen.

    It's my opinion that this is a superb USB product and I'm happy to lend my testimonial to it.

    Bob Boisvert...Web Professional

    Order the USB Video Adapter Now! Order Now!

    Compatible with all windows operating systems


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